Parent Message from the Superintendent: “Clown” issue

October 6, 2016

Hello All,

Most of you are likely aware from the news and social media that there has been a national frenzy of “clown sightings” that appear to be designed to create disruption in the community, on college campuses, and even within school districts. The Hingham Public Schools District has not experienced such any alleged sightings or serious upsets in the schools; however, a few neighboring communities have experienced significant chatter among students and a flurry of related postings to social media. Certainly we will continue to monitor this issue. I have spoken with Police Chief Glenn Olsson, and he and his officers will be watchful and ready to investigate any reports promptly and fully. Frankly, I am equally concerned about the angst and potential harm that can result from false rumors and exaggerations of fact. We do need your help.

Parents and other responsible adults can help by reassuring students that all of the adults in the schools, at home, and in our Police Department are working together to keep children safe. As well, we ask that you discourage your own children from sharing rumors or hearsay that may be scary and upsetting to others. We plan to deliver that same message. Of course any child with a concern at school should speak with an adult who will respond with reassurance or other follow-up as needed.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to deal with this media-enhanced frenzy.

Personally I like it better when I can use this forum to share good news and interesting happenings in the schools; I hope you all feel the same way.

Until the next time,