Message from the Superintendent

“September 4, 2017

Hello All,

It’s hard to accept that another summer has passed, but we all are excited about the new school year that is about to begin. Teachers and administrators have been back readying the buildings and their classrooms for the last week or so; the New Teacher Orientation has been completed. Last Wednesday at the annual Convocation, the entire faculty welcomed a very special guest speaker, Mr. David G. McCullough. This Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and renowned author, narrator and historian is now a Hingham resident; we all were excited to hear his words. His message about the importance of education and the impact of teachers and centrality of thinking as part of the educational process energized and inspired us all. We are ready for tomorrow and the 179 tomorrows that will follow that!

Our country is experiencing some challenging times, ranging from natural disasters such as in Texas and Louisiana, civil unrest and tragedy like we saw in Charlottesville, and all around us and in the press way too much violence, anger, lack of respect for others, and hateful and hurtful behavior and discourse. We can’t fix all that is wrong in the world, but we can do more and give more and teach Hingham children about service to others and good citizenship and respect for self and others (all listed in the core values that underly our mission). Most importantly, we can model for children the HPS commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and disavow the actions and words of those who express hate and mean spiritedness. Please join us in sharing this message with your children. Remember, they are learning how to think and act from all of us.

It’s going to be a great year!

Attached are messages from Jamie and me. One contains excerpts from my late August newsletter to our staff. The other, from Jamie, shares information about new projects and plans.

If you are interested in more about our new colleagues, please check out the website.

Until the next time,