2017-2018 Registration

Hingham Public Schools registration packets for the 2017-2018 school year are available for pick-up at all four elementary schools during the school’s office hours.  They are also available to download and print.

Children must turn five years old on or before August 31, 2017 to enter kindergarten.  To enter first grade, a child must be six years of age on or before August 31, 2017.  In the sole discretion of the Superintendent of Schools (or designee) a child whose sixth birthday falls on September 1 – September 30, or a child who has moved to Hingham from a city or town with a minimum age requirement in effect that is subsequent to August 31 may be admitted to and begin grade 1 upon submission of documentation that their student has successfully completed a public or private kindergarten program during the prior year and has demonstrated “readiness” for grade 1.  Parents seeking more information about the kindergarten program or registration process should consult this website or contact the elementary schools, directly.

Staffing decisions will be made using this enrollment data; parents of incoming kindergarten students and new grade 1 students are urged to register at this time to ensure that appropriate levels of staffing will be in place for September. 

All parents will be invited to a Kindergarten Orientation Session to be held in early May at their district school.  More information will be available upon enrollment.  Parents of age eligible students who will not attend kindergarten in the Hingham Public Schools are urged to communicate this information to their local elementary school.  Accurate enrollment figures are important in planning appropriate staffing and resources.  Voluntary cooperation in this area is most appreciated.

Full-Day Tuition:  The Hingham School Committee has set the tuition rate for full-day students at $3,575.  Families who register after March 31, 2017 will be charged an additional processing fee of $125.

Required Documents for Registration

In order to register, you need to provide a birth certificate and proof of residency.

Birth Certificate

A child must turn five (5) on or before August 31st

Obtaining a copy of your child’s birth certificate:

If your child was born in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a birth certificate can be obtained at:

  • the city or town hall where the child was born
  • Vital Records in Boston
  • the city or town hall where you were living at the time of the child’s birth

When a child is born to unmarried parents the certificate can only be obtained in the town of the birth by the parent whose name(s) appears on the certificate. Identification is required.

If your child was born in another state you will have to find it there.”

Source: the Hingham Town Clerk’s Office


Acceptable forms/documents for Proof of Residency

Parents New to Hingham

  • A copy of an executed Purchase and Sales Agreement or a copy of an executed Rental Agreement in the name of the parent/guardian including the address
  • A valid driver’s license is also required for identification

Current Hingham Residents

  • A current utility or Hingham real estate tax bill including the address in the name of the parent/guardian
  • A valid driver’s license is also required for identification


Tuition for Kids In Action and/or Full Day Kindergarten Programs: FACTS Website

Online Lunch Accounts: SchoolCafé