Who’s Who / District Contacts

School Committee

Liza O’Reilly, Chair   loreilly@hinghamschools.org
Aylene Calnan, Vice Chair acalnan@hinghamschools.org
Cynthia Galko, Secretary  cgalko@hinghamschools.org
Edward Schreier, D.D.S. eschreier@hinghamschools.org
Kay Praschma   kpraschma@hinghamschools.org
Carlos DaSilva   cdasilva@hinghamschools.org
Michelle Ayer  mayer@hinghamschools.org

Central Administration


Dorothy H. Galo, Ph.D., 781-741-1500 – ext. 1, dgalo@hinghamschools.org

Assistant Superintendent

James M. LaBillois, Ed.D., 781-741-1500  – ext. 2, jlabillois@hinghamschools.org

Director of Student Services

Elizabeth J. Kurlan, 781-741-1500  – ext. 3, ekurlan@hinghamschools.org

Director of Business and Support Services

John W. Ferris, 781-741-1500 – ext. 4,  jferris@hinghamschools.org


High School

Paula Girouard McCann, Ed.D., Principal, pgmccann@hinghamschools.org

Jennifer Henriksen, Assistant Principal, jhenriksen@hinghamschools.org

Richard Swanson, Assistant Principal, rswanson@hinghamschools.org

Middle School

Derek Smith, Principal, dsmith@hinghamschools.org

Alison Janulewicz, Assistant Principal, ajanulewicz@hinghamschools.org

David Riordan, Assistant Principal, driordan@hinghamschools.org

East Elementary

Anthony Keady, Principal, akeady@hinghamschools.org

Rebecca Case, Assistant Principal, bcase@hinghamschools.org

Foster Elementary

Deborah Stellar, Ed.D., Principal, dstellar@hinghamschools.org

Jennifer Newell, Assistant Principal, jnewell@hinghamschools.org

Plymouth River Elementary

Charles Cormier, Principal, ccormier@hinghamschools.org

Melissa Smith, Assistant Principal, msmith@hinghamschools.org

South Elementary

Mary Eastwood, Principal, meastwood@hinghamschools.org

Lori Jacobs, Assistant Principal, ljacobs@hinghamschools.org

Department Directors

Call 781-741-1560  and press the following extensions:

Margaret ConatyAthletics, ext. 5, mconaty@hinghamschools.org

David JewettMathematics, ext. 6, djewett@hinghamschools.org

Andrew HoeySocial Studies, ext. 6, ahoey@hinghamschools.org

Erica PollardForeign Language, ext. 6, epollard@hinghamschools.org

Kathryn RobertsScience, ext.6, kroberts@hinghamschools.org

Heather RodriguezSchool Counseling Services, ext. 3, hrodriguez@hinghamschools.org

Helaine SilvaEnglish/Drama/Secondary Reading,  ext. 6, hsilva@hinghamschools.org

Resource Teachers

All can be reached at 781-741-1560 unless otherwise noted:

Karen Beatty − Health Educationkbeatty@hinghamschools.org

Dan Clune − AV Coordinator, dclune@hinghamschools.org

Michael Doherty − Artmdoherty@hinghamschools.org

Rose Doran − Family and Consumer Sciencerdoran@hinghamschools.org

Leslie Flanagan − Literacy Coordinator, 781-741-1570lflanagan@hinghamschools.org

Deborah Hall − Library Media, 781-741-1520,  dhall@hinghamschools.org

Meghan Melanson − Physical Educationmmelanson@hinghamschools.org

Paul Pawlowski − Industrial Technologyppawlowski@hinghamschools.org

Marybeth Robinson − Secondary Reading,  mbrobinson@hinghamschools.org

Phaedre Sassano − Musicpsassano@hinghamschools.org

Deborah Whiting − Nursing, 781-741-1530,  dwhiting@hinghamschools.org

Support Services

Joseph Andrews − Manager of Technology Services PK-12, 781-741-1560, ext. 1081 jandrews@hinghamschools.org

Caryn Condon − Technology Systems Coordinator at Middle School, 781-741-1550, ccondon@hinghamschools.org

Padraig Cunningham − Transportation Supervisor , 781-741-1510pcunningham@hinghamschools.org

Doug Foley − Facilities and Procurement Manager, 781-741-1511dfoley@hinghamschools.org

Barbara PyeFacilities and Grounds Rentals, 781-741-1511bpye@hinghamschools.org

Katie Hartman − Maintenance & Custodial Supervisor, 781-741-1511,  khartman@hinghamschools.org

Kimberly Smyth − Food Service Director781-741-1500, ext 5, ksmyth@hinghamschools.org

Thomas Ford − HS School Resource Officer, 781-741-1560,   tford@hinghamschools.org

Robert Ramsey − Middle School School Resource/DARE Officer, 781-741-1550,  rramsey@hinghamschools.org

John Walden −  Elementary School Resource Officer –  781-749-1212, ext.2283, jwalden@hinghamschools.org

Kathleen Jordan − Kids in Action (Before/After School Program) Director, 781-741-1540 x4235, kjordan@hinghamschools.org

Andrew Nyamekye − METCO Coordinator, 781-741-1550, anyamekye@hinghamschools.org

Organizational Chart