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East School Mission Statement

The mission of the East School is to foster personal academic growth through exploration and intellectual curiosity in a supportive and safe environment.  We are committed to nurturing a partnership among educators, family and community to cultivate a love of learning and to instill confidence and self-esteem. We strive to develop socially-responsible students who are kind and respectful to all.


East School Core Values

Academic Growth

We will promote appreciation of individual learning styles to maximize academic growth. We will foster and encourage curiosity and creativity so all students develop enthusiasm for learning.

Personal Growth

We will create a positive environment in which everyone is challenged to persevere and achieve his or her personal best. Our students will have the confidence and courage to take appropriate social and intellectual risks.

Kindness and Respect

We will treat all people both in and outside of our school with dignity, kindness and respect. We will strive to be open-minded and to learn to understand and appreciate differences in others. We will respect ourselves and take responsibility for our own actions.


Honesty and open communication will be the foundation of our partnership with educators, family and community. We will respect, support and value each member of our school family. We will foster a sense of community through school spirit activities, service to others and traditions.