Course Selection 2020-2021

Reminder that the course selection process will continue through Friday, March 27th. Between now and then, all teachers, department directors and school counselors will be available via email to answer questions about course recommendations.

 All students currently enrolled in grades nine through eleven should follow these steps:

  • Log into Aspen.
  • Go to the “My Info” top tab.
  • Click on the “Requests” side tab.
  • Click on each subject area using the “select” button to see the course options available to you.
  • Check the box in the “select” column to choose that course (if different from the course recommended for you). Recommended courses are preselected. Ultimately, you should have a total of at least 30 credits and no more than 35. The total will be listed at the top of the page.
  • Enter at least three alternate course requests (i.e., electives) by name and number in the “Notes to Counselor” box at the bottom of the page. Note: Most students will select three primary electives and three back-up electives. If you would like to elect a semester or full-year study hall, please type that into the “Notes to Counselor” textbox in Aspen.
  • When selections are completed for all subject areas, scroll to the bottom of your screen and click “Post.”

Override Process

If you decide to override the teacher recommendation for a leveled course (i.e., English, math, science, social studies or world language), you will need to complete a Course Override Form by clicking on this link. We have developed a new electronic process (replacing the paper forms used in the past) which must be completed by 11:59 PM on Thursday, April 9, 2020. We will make alternative arrangements for anyone who is unable to complete this process online.