Clubs and Activities

Activities and Clubs

HINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL – Activities and Clubs

2018 – 2019

Club / Activity                                                 Advisors

A.D.L. Student Facilitator Program                    Mr. Doherty / Mr. Struzziero

A.F.S. Club (American Field Service)                Mr. Doerr

A.S.L Club                                                       Ms. Rapoza

Amnesty International                                       Mr. George

Art Club                                                           Ms. Papuga

Art and Design (graphic)                                   Mr. Eschauzier

Baking Club                                                     Ms. Beischel

Beekeeping                                                       Ms. Beaupre

Best Buddies                                                    Ms. DeGeorge

Biology Club                                                    Ms. Campbell

Breathe Out                                                      Mr. Lalli

Chess Club                                                       Mr. Minihane

Class of 2019                                                    Ms. Perkins / Mr. Doerr

Class of 2020                                                    Ms. VanLeuvan / Ms. Tortola

Class of 2021                                                    Ms. O’Connor

Class of 2022                                                    Ms. Allen

Climate Committee                                           Mr. Louchheim

Coding Club                                                     Ms. Mangiapane

Dance Team                                                     Ms. Feeney

Debate Club                                                      Mr. Nugent

DECA                                                              Mr. Tarantello

Drama Club/Thespian                                        Ms. Levy-Sisk

Drama:Director Fall/Spring                                Ms. Levy-Sisk

Fashion Club                                                    Ms. Shea

Freshman Advisory                                           Mr. Louchheim

GCP                                                                 Ms. Beischel

Girls Learn International (GLI)                          Ms. Papuga

Green House/Botany Club                                 Ms. Roberts

Green Team                                                      Mr. Woolley

G.S.A. Gay -Straight Alliance                            Mr. Lalli

Hacky Sack Club                                              Mr. Griffin

Language Clubs:French                                     Mr. Piantes

Spanish                                    Ms. Pretti

Latin Club                                Mr. Minihane

Chinese                                    Ms. Pollard / Ms. Li

Literary Magazine – Outer Limits                       Ms. Fennelly

Math Team Advisor                                          Mr. Healey / Ms. Blake

Medical Sciences Club                                      Ms. Diedricksen

Mock Trial                                                        Ms. Florian

Model United Nations                                       Ms. K. Black

Music:  Band (Jazz, Wind Ens.)                         Mr. Cincotta

Choral Spectrum                                   Mr. Young

Chamber Players                                   Ms. Sassano

National Honor Society                                     Ms. Shaw

Newspaper – Harborlight                                    Ms. Fennelly

Oceanography Club                                           Mr. Gauthier

Psychology                                                       Ms. K. Black

Quiz Bowl                                                        Ms. Garland

Reaching out to Children                                   Ms. Newman

Red Cross                                                         Ms. O’Keeffe

Robotics                                                           Ms. Flanagan / Mr. Forrester

S.A.D.D. (Students against Destructive Decisions)          Officer Ford

WHHS TV                                                        Ms. Garland / Mr. Haflin

Women in STEM                                              Ms. Kates

Student Council                                                Ms. K. Black

Yearbook                                                          Ms. Stanley / Ms. Holler