School Bus Protocols

NOTE: Misconduct which threatens the safe operation of the motor vehicle will result in the immediate suspension of busing privilege. A subsequent offense will result in the suspension of busing privileges for the remainder of the school year.

Good behavior is expected at all times whether waiting, boarding, or riding the bus to assure the safety of all passengers. Parents of students are responsible for their supervision until the student boards the bus in the morning and after the student leaves the bus at the end of the day. When a student boards the school bus he or she becomes the responsibility of the school system. Because the bus is an extension of the school, the School Committee requires students to conduct themselves in the same manner established for school behavior. The bus driver is required to report violations of school bus rules and regulations to the building principal or designee and the transportation coordinator.

The building principal or designee will inform the parents immediately of the misconduct by communication and will request parental cooperation in correcting the student’s behavior. If a student is reported three times to the building principal for misconduct on the school bus, the student’s busing privileges will be suspended for a period not to exceed ten school days. The parents and/or legal guardians of the student will be notified by communication and they will be informed that they are responsible for their child’s transportation to and from school during the period of suspension. A subsequent offense will result in the suspension of busing privileges for the remainder of the school year.

Cameras on School Buses

Hingham school buses may be equipped with interior video cameras. The purpose of the cameras is to encourage proper bus behavior, allowing the bus driver to focus attention on the important job of driving. Videotapes will be viewed by the Supervisor of Transportation and the Building Principal or Assistant Principal if there is a question related to misbehavior on a school bus. Videotapes are reused (taped over) on a regular basis.

Safety Rules

  1. Obey the driver at all times. He/she is looking out for your safety and needs your cooperation to drive the bus safely.
  2. Wait behind the safety line and enter the bus in an orderly fashion, going directly to a seat. Students must remain in this seat until their destination is reached. Do not change seats while the bus is moving.
  3. There will be no rough-housing, littering or defacing of the bus.
  4. Loud and vulgar language is prohibited.
  5. Students should keep their hands, arms, legs, and head inside the bus.
  6. Nothing is to be thrown from the bus.
  7. The aisle of the bus should be kept clear of feet, books, athletic equipment, and musical instruments.
  8. Do not push when boarding or leaving the bus.
  9. The emergency door is for emergencies only. Do not touch safety equipment on the bus.
  10. Students must not open or close windows without the permission of the driver.
  11. Students will be courteous to the driver, to fellow students, and passengers.
  12. There will be no smoking on the bus.
  13. Students who refuse to obey the directions of the bus driver or refuse to obey regulations, forfeit their right to ride the bus.
  14. According to Hingham School Committee Policy, a student will receive a bus letter reporting any inappropriate behavior on a bus. After three such communications are received during a single school year, the student will be suspended from all buses for 5 to 10 days. A fourth offense will result in the loss of bus privileges for the remainder of the year. If the situation is serious enough, a student may be removed from the bus at the first offense.
  15. No special stops will be made as favors to students or parents. Students are to bepicked up and discharged at their regularly scheduled stops only.
  16. Parents should make all requests for changes to the transportation office – 781-741-1510.
  17. Students are allowed to ride only the bus to which they are assigned. The onlyexceptions to this rule are as follows:a)A student is required to do a group project by a teacher. In such cases, a request in writing from a parent, must be signed by the teacher, given to an administrator in the A.M. for signature. A bus pass then will be issued to be given to the bus driver.

    b) A student is staying overnight with another family for an extended period of time while their parent/guardian is away.

  18. Students who live less than 1.5 miles from the school are not assigned a bus and maynot use bus transportation except as stated in # 17.