Staff Contact List

PRS Staff Contact Information

As of September 10, 2019
Name of Staff Member Assignment Email Address
Anderson, Samantha ParaEducator [email protected]
Banner, Jeannine Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Bellis, Joann Music [email protected]
Benoit, Brooke Grade 5 [email protected]
Bilodeau, Krystal Grade 2 kbilod[email protected]
Blake, Tracy Library/LMC [email protected]
Bolger, Brett Psychologist [email protected]
Bonani, Cyndi Grade 2 [email protected]
Brennan, Peggy ParaEducator [email protected]
Bucey, Nancy Grade 1 [email protected]
Burbank, Molly ParaEducator [email protected]
Burritt, Katherine Grade 1 [email protected]
Caliri, Anthony E Head Custodian [email protected]
Cotton, Rebecca Grade 2 [email protected]
Decker, Alfred C Guidance [email protected]
Donovan, Ellie ParaEducator [email protected]
Donovan, Kelly ParaEducator [email protected]
Ellis, Sarah ParaEducator [email protected]
Fabrizio, Charleen Assistant Principal [email protected]
Falvey, Laura Grade 3 [email protected]
Fenton, Cheryl ParaEducator [email protected]
Finnerty, Wendy ParaEducator [email protected]
Flanagan, Nancy ParaEducator [email protected]
Rubertone, Elizabeth Gr. 4 Special Education [email protected]
Gay, Kimberly ParaEducator [email protected]
Gorczyca, Barbara Music [email protected]
Harned, Linda ParaEducator [email protected]
Harrington, Julie Grade 5 [email protected]
Hennessy, Stephanie ParaEducator [email protected]
Hewett, Laura ParaEducator [email protected]
Ingram, Kendelle Foreign Language [email protected]
Kaulins, Maryann ParaEducator [email protected]
Kelfer, Holly Art [email protected]
Kilban, Joan Grade 5 [email protected]
Kirk, Wendy Literacy Tutor [email protected]
Kitchen, Jessica Math Specialist [email protected]
Kracunas, Annmarie Literacy Tutor [email protected]
Kremer, Kara Grade 4 [email protected]
Lotano, Christine Math Tutor [email protected]
Lumbert, Deborah ParaEducator [email protected]
Madden, Jennifer ParaEducator [email protected]
Maescher, Amy Grade K [email protected]
Martin, Lynda ParaEducator [email protected]
McHugh, Susan Grade 1 [email protected]
Mortland, Lance Custodian [email protected]
O’Brien, Kimberly Grade K [email protected]
Osterman, Catherina Literacy [email protected]
Ottati, Meagan Grade 3 [email protected]
Ouellette, Erica Physical Education [email protected]
Pacella, Cassandra Grade 5 Special Education [email protected]
Ponte, Catherine ParaEducator [email protected]
Pratt, Jennine Occupational Therapist [email protected]
Rau, Poornima ParaEducator [email protected]
Reames, Shawna Grade 3 [email protected]
Riel, Letitia Math Tutor [email protected]
Riley, Julianne Grade K [email protected]
Rogg, Christine Grade 1/2 Special Education [email protected]
Romanowski, Kyran ParaEducator [email protected]
Salvaggi, Cathleen Food Service Manager [email protected]
Samarov, Boris Grade 4 [email protected]
Shapiro, Michelle Grade 2 [email protected]
Smith, Melissa Principal [email protected]
Stenson, Mary Speech & Language Pathologist [email protected]
Talbot, Maura Grade 4 [email protected]
Turner, Dorothy Music [email protected]
Vallee, Diane ELL [email protected]
Valley, Alisa Grade 3 Special Education [email protected]
Vella, Meryl Grade 5 [email protected]
Wehner, Francine Technology [email protected]
Whalen-McCosker, Stephanie Grade K Special Education [email protected]
Whitcomb, Janet ParaEducator [email protected]
White, Margaret ParaEducator [email protected]
Whiting, Deborah Head Nurse Hingham Public Schools [email protected]
Willison, Susan Grade 4 [email protected]
Young, Joseph Music [email protected]