Forgot Your Password?

If a user forgets his or her password, clicking the Forgot Your Password? option on the Login page causes the application to send the user an email message that contains his or her password hint.

Username: HPS + First Name Initial + Middle Name Initial + Employee ID # (Your employee ID # can be found on your paystub)

Example: HPSjd1234


If the password hint does not cause the user to remember the password, he or she can click the link in the email message to generate a new password without knowing the old password.

The Password Regeneration page displays and when the user selects Initiate Password Regeneration, the application sends the user an email with a temporary password that he or she can use to log in.


Now the user needs to go back to the log in page.  Please note: The user’s browser may already have populated the username and password.  Now that the password has been reset, the user will need to enter in the password that came in the email in order to log in.

The user is forced to reset the password immediately upon login.

When a user changes a password, the Change Password page indicates if the new password meets the enforcement criteria.


Issues changing password

When you have your browser save your password, it sometimes creates issues when you try to change your password.  Clearing your cache gets rid of your old password, but it also gets rid of other website log in information you’ve saved.  If you do not want to clear your cache, try logging in with another browser.

Screen shots from: Munis Self Service General Administration Guide, Version 10.5, Tyler Technologies, pp. 19 & 20.