Task Force & Parent Ambassador Contact Information

Task Force Co-Chairs

Name, Role, Email

Dr. James M. LaBillois, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, [email protected]

Heather Rodriguez, Director of School Counseling, [email protected]

Bryna Rogers, Parent Representative, [email protected]

Task Force Members & Parent Ambassadors

Name, Role, School, Email

Karen Beatty, Task Force, HHS, [email protected]

Alison Best, Task Force, Foster, [email protected]

Liz Bienfang, Ambassador, HHS, [email protected]

Brianne Connolly, Task Force, Foster, [email protected]

Sarah Machado Deady, Ambassador, South, [email protected]

AC Decker, Task Force, PRS, [email protected]

Kathleen Dorn, Ambassador, South, [email protected]

Adrien Duncan, Ambassador, Foster & HMS, [email protected]

Meg Durkin, Ambassador, HMS, [email protected]

Bianca George, Task Force, HHS, [email protected]

Erin Gutierrez, Ambassador, Foster & HMS, [email protected]

Suzanne Hallisey, Task Force, HMS, [email protected]

Kaylee Hill, Task Force, HHS (student), [email protected]

Jessica Hoguet, Task Force, Foster, [email protected]

Yvette Kanter, Task Force, East, [email protected]

Liz Klein, Ambassador, South, [email protected]

Kara Kremer, Task Force, PRS, [email protected]

Beth Lalli, Task Force, HMS, [email protected]

Kathy LeBlanc, Task Force, South, [email protected]

Amie Lee, Task Force, PRS, [email protected]

Valdace Levarity, Ambassador, HHS, [email protected]

Deb McCarthy, Ambassador, East & HMS, [email protected]

Mark Murphy, Task Force, HMS, [email protected]

Jennifer Newell, Task Force, Foster, [email protected]

Erin Ney, Task Force, South, [email protected]

Courtney Orwig, Task Force, SEPAC, [email protected]

Bella Otoka, Task Force, HHS (student), [email protected]

Melanie S. Quackenbush, Ambassador, HHS, [email protected]

Catherine Rein, Task Force, East, [email protected]

Katie Roberts, Task Force, Science Director, [email protected]

Marisa Ronan, Ambassador, HHS, [email protected]

Cathe Shetzline, Ambassador, HMS & HHS, [email protected]

Melissa Smith, Task Force, PRS, [email protected]

Lauren Torraco, Task Force, South, [email protected]

Bev Vernon, Task Force, East, [email protected]

Carolyn Walsh, Task Force, HHS, [email protected]

Sandra Weggeman, Ambassador, HMS, [email protected]