Superintendent’s Goals

November 2017- October 2018

Student Performance: Goal #1

Work with Liz Kurlan, Liz O’Neil, Jamie LaBillois and the Special Education Subcommittee to Support SEIP work and goals.

  • Attend SEPAC meetings, as needed or requested, to present information or respond to questions. Ongoing
  • Contribute to SEPAC work flow discussions and planning, including problem identification and planned resolution.   Ongoing
  • Coordinate the collection of information and data requests from the independent evaluator for the HMS program review, as may be required. According to finally determined Evaluator timeline
  • Develop a special education budget presentation for FY 19 for the SEPAC audience. January 2018
  • Review student performance assessment results for high needs students and monitor implementation of planned improvement steps as identified by principals and building staffs. Spring 2018

School Improvement: Goal #2

Work with John Ferris and the LRPC to support and facilitate the work of the 2017 School Building Committee (SBC) and collaborate to meet all MSBA requests and requirements.

  • Assist with arrangements for postings and collection of information for regular and special meetings of the SBC. Ongoing
  • Provide clerical and other communications support to the SBC, as needed.  As needed
  • Attend all SBC meetings, acting in an ex officio capacity. As scheduled
  • Provide administrative support to officers of the SBC.
  • Manage MSBA- required document signoffs (SC, BOS, and Superintendent) in a timely fashion, as needed.  As required by MSBA

District Improvement: Goal #3

Work with members of the Leadership Team to form a work group/task force to explore options for standardizing access to homework assignments and upcoming assessments.

  • Form a work group from among volunteer faculty and administration. Fall 2017
  • Develop a charge for task force work and identify expected outcomes. Fall 2017
  • Identify and collect data from other communities that offer a single point for entry for parents to connect with teachers regarding student work expectations and assignments.  December 2017 – January 2018
  • Schedule task force meetings and develop agendas and meeting packets. Ongoing
  • Develop several models that accomplish the stated goal to share with secondary faculty for their input.  February – April 2018
  • Work with Jamie LaBillois and the principals to review options, considering faculty, parent and student feedback. May, June 2018
  • Produce a report of the work group’s findings, including recommendations, next steps, and a timeline for pilot or implementation. July 2018

District Improvement: Goal #4

Work with Jamie LaBillois and the building principals to facilitate the Self-Study Process for the anticipated 2018-2019 Coordinated Program Review to address civil rights and other non-special education DESE-determined criterions.

  • Identify the specific non-special education criterions to be reviewed by the DESE CPR team.  As information from DESE is received
  • Review the CPR Self-Study response process with the Administrative Council. January 2018
  • Assign individual administrator responsibility for determining the degree of alignment for each identified criterion and collecting of evidence. January 2018
  • Review and discuss administrator input and evidence and assessment of degree of alignment with each criterion.  February – April 2018
  • Write the narrative response to be entered into the Self-Study template.  May 2018
  • Work with Karin Herman to enter the criterion responses into the DESE portal. June 2018

District Improvement: Goal #5

Work with the Administrative Intern and in coordination with members of the LRPC to manage and facilitate an external enrollment projection process and completion of the MSBA enrollment tool that will become part of the district’s Master Plan and will facilitate anticipated work with the MSBA on a Foster School project.

  • Review the MSBA enrollment study process and tools. November, December 2017
  • Develop an RFP for procuring an external vendor to conduct a district-wide enrollment projection, both as part of the planned Master Plan and to inform the MSBA enrollment projection process for the anticipated Foster School project. January 2018
  • Solicit quotes from potential external vendors and meet with potential bidders. February 2018
  • Select the successful bidder and meet to review steps and materials that may be required by the external vendor.  March 2018
  • Share historical enrollment data and Hingham-specific building projects and housing planning, as may be required by the projections team. During evaluation period, late spring 2018
  • Facilitate the development and sharing of a summary report.    Summer 2018

Approved by SC 12/4/17